"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6
"Train a child in the way he should go,and when he is old he will not turn from it."                                             Proverbs 22:6

Summer Program 2018...COME JOIN US!

Noah's Ark Academy's Program is an enrichment program and summer day camp for children 18 months through second grade.  The Summer Program enhances and reviews what has been learned during the school year in language, arithmetic and science.  It follows a rhythm that is similar to the one we offer during the school year while at the same time having the fun activities the summer brings. 


The educational program consists of weekly themes with ample opportunities for outdoor play and fun.  In addition to our weekly themes, we have "Splash Day" every other Friday.  On this day, the children bring their bathing suits, towel, sun block and they enjoy our sprinklers and wading pool during their outside playtime.


Our summer preschool is staffed with the same high quality teachers who work in our school year program.  All staff is CPR and First Aid certified.

Summer 2018


Our summer program is an enrichment program that reviews what was taught during the school year and in addition has the following fun themes.  It begins June 4th and ends August 10th.




Week 1

Desert Oasis

1.  Water bottles with layers of colored sand

2.  Let's make pet rocks.

3.  Create a hunt where the treasure is a water bottle, or a well

4.  Learn about plants that grow in the desert - We will make some cactus crafts.

5.  Animals that live in the desert


Week 2

Wind and Sea

1.  Learn about the different types of fishing:  pole, net, spear, deep sea, etc.

2.  Waves, tsunamis and hurricanes

3.  Rafts, sailboats and cruise ships

4.  Water sports


Week 3

Fun and Fitness

1.  FitDecks are perfect.  These are decks of card that have a different exercise on each one.

2.  Obstacle courses are fun

3.  What is physical training?  Stretching, calisthenics, and cardio

4.  Sports:  Soccer, Basketball, Bowling and Nerf Darts


Week 4

Disco Days

1.  Dance with 70s disco music

2.  Pet Rocks make the perfect craft project

3.  Performing a disco hit.  Karaoke

4.  Make a craft with a happy face




Week 1

Stars and Stripes

1.  North vs. South-Capture the Flag.  Union vs. Confederates

2.  What is an election?  Hold an election for class president

3.  With the help of the teachers, create a Declaration of Independence.


Week 2

Noah's Ark Got Talent

1.  Sing or lip sync favorite songs

2.  Do a special dance

3.  Draw a special picture

4.  Put on a magic show


1.  Create a superheroe costume

2.  Create your power name and tell a story of how it came to be

3.  Discussion:  "What is an everyday superhero?"," Who are real heroes?", "Do superheroes need friends?"


Week 3

Mad Science

1.  Have a science workshop. 

2.  Build and launch rockets.

3.  Build robots out of recyclable materials


Week 4

Time Travelers

1.  Who were cavemen? 

2.  Have a dinosaur hunt

3.  Pirates

4.  People from the Wild West

5.  Renaissance

6.  The Roaring 20's

7.  Use your imagination to build a time machine.




Week 1

Emergency Services-First Responders 

1.  The Firemen

2.  The Police

3.  Search and Rescue teams

4.  The Marines

5.  EMS-Emergency Medical Service


Week 2

Texas Adventures

Texas has a lot to offer.  There's great music venues, the Alamo, ranches, oil, cattle, aerospace industry, great collegiate and professional sports teams.  Texas comes from the word Tejas which means friends.

1.  Mexico and Texas-The Alamo

2.  Animals found in Texas

3.  Texas geography

4.  Sports in Texas

5.  There is a strong Mexican influence in Texas-  language, food, music and traditions


The last day of our Summer Program is August 10th.

The first day of the Fall Semester is August 15th.

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